Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church

St Martin's Church Stained Glass


St. Martin's Church was established in 1901, with Rev. Eugene Hannon as the founding pastor. In 1902 a parish hall (now the Community Center) was built to serve as a church and as a school with the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur teaching. As the parish community continued to grow, a basement church was built on the corner of North Capital and T streets in 1913 and the main church was added in 1939. St. Martin's School (1920 - 1990) faithfully served many needs of the community. The real history of St. Martin's is not about buildings, but rather, about a faithful and faith-filled people of God who from a foundation of faith laid in 1901, continues to be a beacon of God's light and hope to the community. Our history and heritage can best be summed up by the headline that appeared in one of the local newspapers in 1963: "St. Martin's Church United by Charity, Dedicated to Service."